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  • About Us - Information about Our Erie County New York wildlife removal experts.

About Us - Buffalo's Best

We are a professional wildlife removal company servicing Buffalo, in operation for 5 years. We love solving wildlife problems! We pride ourselves on our quality work and exceptional customer service.:

  • Over five years of wildlife control experience.
  • Fully trained on latest wildlife control techniques and tools.
  • Fully licensed by the New York Wildlife Commission.
  • Have property liability insurance.
  • Extensive experience with professional home repairs.
  • Trained in attic cleanup and decontamination.
  • We give a written work estimate and written guarantee of work.
  • We treat wildlife in a respectful and humane manner.
  • We are available 24/7 via cell phone.
  • We schedule fast appointments, and arrive on time.
  • We treat our customers the way we'd like to be treated.

We a complete job, from start to finish. We remove wildlife humanely and effectively, using the proper traps, tools, and techniques for each unique animal and situation. When we encounter animals inside a house, we inspect every part of the house, from ground level to every part of the roof, to identify all the areas of entry, and all vulnerable areas, and we perform professional repairs, with guarantee, to seal entry holes shut. We inspect inside the attic to find any damage or biohazard, and provide full cleaning services. We offer attic decontamination, poison-free and permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, snake removal, dead animal removal and odor control, and more.

Sometimes unexpected critters venture into areas they dont belong, such as the property of your home. When that happens you can always call us! We are experts in nuisance trapping, removal, and prevention. Here in Buffalo, New York, we know that during the winter wildlife such as rodents and birds like to seek shelter and our homes should not be their prime choice. We service Buffalo and the following cities: Alden, Amherst, Aurora, Boston, Brant, Cambria, Cheektowaga, Clarence, Colden, Collins, Concord, Eden, Elma, Evans, Grand Island, Hamburg, Hartland, Holland, Lancaster, Lewiston, Marilla, Newfane, Newstead, Niagara, North Collins, Orchard Park, Pendleton, Porter, Royalton, Sardinia, Somerset, Wales, West Seneca, Niagara Falls, North Tonawanda, Wheatfield, Wilson, Lackawanna, Lockport, Cheektowaga, and Tonawanda. We also service the following counties: Niagara County and Cattaraugus County. If your city or county is not listed please give us a call!

NOTE: We are not the Erie County Animal Control Services. We do provide wildlife removal in Erie County New York, but we are a private company. Please do not call us regarding any matters that should be directed to the free county animal services. They deal with dog and cat issues, and select issues such as an animal on the street, etc. Below is the TIP OF THE MONTH regarding local Erie County animal services related matters:

Will a pest control company remove a skunk?

(no, they usually handle insects)
Skunks can be very disastrous especially if they will excrete their foul smell to your belongings or even at yourself! Sometimes they dig too and can ruin your perfect backyard. Sometimes we wonder if we can call a pest control firm that can handle that certain situations to rid them as soon as possible. But, is there really a pest control company that can remove a skunk? Let’s find out. There are NO pest control to handle a skunk. Instead, you can trap them in a cage then surrender them in a wildlife center wherein best measures are given. It is the best option rather than killing a skunk which may be a little messy and can cause unwanted diseases to humans. In terms of trapping, Skunks aren't too difficult to trap. The following is a rundown of tips to trap skunks successfully.

• Utilize a substantial pen trap, raccoon measured.
• Set the trap in territories you have seen skunks.
• Ensure the trap is firm on the ground.
• Snare the trap with some pet food (dog food and cat food)
• Put a spread over the highest point of the trap

Alright, after I've caught it, how would I keep it from spraying? - Aha! Not an issue. Simply approach the caught skunk while holding a fabric, similar to an old towel, cover, or bed sheet out wide. Try not to let the skunk see you. Delicately and gradually approach it, and wrap the fabric over the trap. In the event that the skunk can't see, it can't splash. It won't shower on the off chance that it doesn't know where to splash. Once the fabric is over the enclosure, it'll quiet down.

I ought to likewise bring up that grown-up skunks have vastly improved control (like grown-up people! Child skunks are considerably more prone to fizzle, rashly splash, and so forth. So remember that. A youthful skunk is far less secure than a grown-up skunk, and ought to be dealt with in like manner. It is still your decision if in what way will you remove a skunk. You can also call a wildlife personnel or rehabilitator to assist you expertly in skunk removal. Call the nearest wildlife centers near you for the best advice. At the end of the day, skunks are not pests. They are just wildlife creatures that was lost from there supposed to be environment. They deserve to live wherever they should belong. To learn more about our services, visit the Buffalo wildlife removal home page.

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