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  • Buffalo Educational Article of the Month - HOW RATS COMMUNICATE USING PHEROMONES



Pheromones are excreted chemicals that have the capabilities to signal social response and impacts, via certain behaviors among members of the same species. It is important to understand, pheromones are behavioral characteristics animals do exhibit to convey information; there are pheromones for food, pheromones for sex, pheromones for alert, pheromones for stress, and more. In this article we are going to look at how New York rats communicate using pheromones.

Communication Through the Releaser Pheromone
Buffalo rats use the releaser pheromones to send information to other rats notifying them that they are in their territory. They tend to release urine so that other rats can perceive the smell. They also use urine to send information to their young liters notifying them that they are ready to nurse. This is considered as one of the special ways New York rats communicates through pheromones.

Communication Through Primer Pheromone
Rats communicate through Primer pheromones especial during the peak of fertility. It is that kind of pheromone that sends signal of sexual behavior, and it’s usually initiated by the female species. The females normally release scents that will attract the attention of the male species towards sexual intercourse. On the other hand, the male species will quickly accept the challenge and also exhibit their own pheromones which are triggered by an organ in the brain called “Vomeronasal.” Further research reveals that the scent of an adult male pheromone is very powerful, in the sense that it can induce rapid maturity to the female species. There is also another male’s species release that is capable of causing miscarriage in female Buffalo rats. There are lots and lots of these communications done by using pheromones which are believed, yet to be discovered and scientists are working on that to discover more ways New York rats do communicate by pheromone.

Communication by Information Pheromone
This is used to provide information to identify something about an animal. The rats use this method to smell other species in order to find out something about them. They use this to know what the other Buffalo rats ate last or about their health status.

The ways New York rats communicate using pheromones are amazing, but you will never know about that unless you are told or you’d conduct a research. Therefore, you are encouraged to fill-up the knowledge gab to discover so many things that are yet to be known concerning this animal. We live with them around us, and we ought to know how they behave so that we can use that to our advantage to care for them or get rid of them.

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