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  • Buffalo Educational Article of the Month - How to Keep Skunks Away From Your Property

How to Keep Skunks Away From Your Property

How to Keep Skunks Away From Your Property

It is true that Buffalo skunks are known to be harmless creatures yet the best thing is never to allow them come near to you or your New York property. This is to avoid getting affected with their toxic stinking spray and even to avoid being affected with rabies from their bite. These mammals are also omnivores which means they can feed on variety of foods including human waste and other. That is the reason why skunks normally take their residence in the garden or even at your property at home. Then, the question is how can you get skunks away from your property? The answer is just simple when you read through this article.

Clean Up Your Home and Garden and Remove Sources of Skunks Foods As Well As Shelter
You will definitely succeed in getting rid of skunks from your Buffalo property when you remove all sources of their foods and shelter within and around your home. Some of these things include:
• Berries
• Nuts
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Piles of grasses and others.
More so, if you have garden where New York skunks visit, you have to ensure that you harvest all ripped fruits as well as vegetables as fast as possible to discourage hungry Buffalo skunks from visiting your compound.

Make Sure You Protect Your Garbage and Waste from Skunks
It is important that New York skunks are also scavengers meaning that they can easy waste or decayed foods from your waste. For that reason, you have to keep your waste-bin tightly closed to ensure that skunks do not feed from there. In order to discourage them from visiting your trash bin at night, you can go ahead and store them in your garage or under a shed. That will help you to keep Buffalo skunks away from your property as well as your home.

Install Skunks Deterrent like Light to Scare Skunks
Apart from removing all the food sources to keep New York skunks away from your house, you can also achieve the same thing by employing skunks deterrent such as bright light in the area where skunks visit often. They will definitely stay away from your Buffalo property when you install light for them there.

Make Use of Skunks Repellent Chemicals
There are certain chemicals that are quite offensive to skunks which you can spray in your New York property to keep them away. But, you must be ready to reapply your chemical daily in order to ensure effective result. You can use, dog or fox urine, pepper spray and others to keep skunks far away from your property.

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